Monday, June 30, 2008

They're home again

My boys are finally back from their dad's house. It's funny how I was so ready to send them off, but half way through last week I was really missing them. Just them, not the messes that seem to appear where ever they go. LOL! Last night Jared (my youngest) came home and his brother Jacob slept over at a friend's house in our old neighborhood since he hasn't really hung out with this friend for at least a year. Jacob got dropped off tonight at the salon and we came back home together. It's really nice when I get one-on-one time with my kids. And of course Jared is sleeping over at a friend's tonight so he isn't here now. I told him this is the night to do it because we leave on Wednesday and he won't be having any sleep-overs Tuesday night.

We had to find a place for Chooch (our dog) to stay for the 2 weeks we'll be gone. So on Saturday one of Jason's friends came to the house and took the dog for a little vacation of his own. It's kind of weird with him gone. I keep looking for him...especially when food falls on the floor. LOL! My 2 cats (Elvis & JB) will stay here and my sister Beverly will come and check on them in the afternoons. I wonder if they are worried that whatever happened to him will happen to them. They do seem to be acting even stranger than normal. And my poor Jared was so sad last night when he was getting ready for bed because the dog sleeps with him! Poor kid comes home and his buddy isn't here to greet him!

And the countdown to Montana gets closer! Just yesterday I began to plan my wardrobe for the 2 weeks. I will no doubt over pack. I just can't help it. But I feel it's better to over pack than fret that I've forgotten something.

I hope to get lots of great pictures of our family. My sister Bev told me I needed new ones because she keeps seeing the same ones pop up in my scrapbook pages. Yes, it's true. I have some faves and I just recycle a few of them. LOL!

I'm also hoping to blog while I'm in Montana (at least while we are staying with Jason's sister Marcie). If I get that chance, I'll try to post some of my photos. :-)

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