Saturday, July 5, 2008

We're here!

After 22 hours (20 hours of driving) we made it to Montana! I have to say that the trip up here was much better than I was thinking it would be. What saved us was having the topper on the pick-up and the platform with 3 inch foam on top. Once we got out of the triple digit temperatures the kids got in the back and stretched out. It gave us lots of space so we didn't have to feel like we were on top of each other. Here is a picture (that I merged from 2 pictures) of the kids when we first left home.

As you can see, there is only one of the 4 that is happy to be going on vacation! LOL!!

Jason and I were pretty tired when we got to Kalispell to Marcie and Keith's. We were all ready to be out of that truck. I was glad we were able to leave on Wednesday afternoon so that we had all of Thursday evening to get settled before the 4th of July festivities on Friday. Keith and Marcie were able to get us invited to a great party where we had great seats for a parade and great food and drinks catered by the hosts in Big Fork.

It's a wonderful town off of Flathead Lake. We boated over instead of driving! I love his sister and brother-in-law's boat.

Here in Montana, fireworks are legal for folks to buy, so we got some and had our own fireworks right in the backyard. The kids had so much fun lighting them. I didn't want to be near them when they went off, so I just watched.

This is just the first weekend...we've still got lots to see and do. More boating tomorrow and early next week we'll head to the cabin for a few days. From there on we plan to just play it by ear and do what sounds good. I'm just glad to be here and I LOVE this weather. It's about 40 degrees cooler here than back in Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

Man, Crissie!
We were in Montana at the same time! We were in Missoula and the Bitterroot and then up at at Georgetown Lake for the 4th of July. How fun it would have been to get together up there for a Mo-Club Burger or even better, Tower Pizza! (We managed to sneak in both our favorite meals.) Talk to you soon ~Verina