Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life….as usual

I get really caught up in life just moving along at breakneck speed. I swear that just yesterday my kids were in grade school, but here we are with both my boys in high school. And Jacob will graduate this spring!


This is him on our Tuesday night regular outing to our ARP meeting. Notice the headphones in his ears. So much for the uninterrupted time alone together where we could be talking to each other.

Just last week my baby boy Jared turned 15! Can it be possible to have a child only about 10 years younger than I imagine myself to be?


I had to work all day, but my sweet husband made him a cake at my request. It’s Jared’s favorite, yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yummy, I’m sure, but I had to pass on sampling some due to dieting…again.

As I was looking through my photos to decide what to post here, I realized that I have very few recent photos of my kids, but lots of photos of my cat. My cat is the only one who seems to want to spend time with me (not counting my husband - LOL).



It is a usual practice for him to get right in my way when I’m at the computer. I know he’s thinking, “Why would you want to look at that when you can look at ME!?”

I’m still finding time almost every day to do my crochet. I had actually gotten the 5 or so projects I was working on down to only one. But that only lasted a few days. So now I only have 2 projects in the works.


This is the baby blanket I’m doing for a coworker at the salon. I really don’t like pastels so I’m not enjoying making this.


This is the other blanket I’m working on. It’s a vintage vertical stripe. Found the pattern HERE. The only other blankets I’ve made that are big enough to cover an adult from head to toe are the ones I did for the boys. This blanket is actually 6’10” long. It’s super simple and I love that there’s no pattern repeat on the colors.

My sister Margaret recently moved to Washington state. She is the first of the 4 sisters to leave Arizona. My sisters and I all went to her house the night before she was leaving and had an awesome visit with her. I can’t believe we didn’t take a group photo of us all that night.

So the next day, Jason and I went over and were able to help Margaret and Ron get the last of their truck loaded up. Ron had done an excellent job of packing their U-Haul. Not one inch of wasted space.


Here’s Jason and Ron getting the car trailer hooked up to the truck. I love my husband for being the man that he is.

Summer will be upon us before we know it. Jason and I finally have a pool pump that works, and also a cleaning system that works.


It took almost 3 months to get it fixed. Once the pump was running again, we were responsible to get the new cleaner up and running. This picture was taken after I’d spent a couple hours trying to get that dang cleaner to work. As you can see, I didn’t have much luck. I’m glad that it happened in the winter months. Not only because we weren’t swimming in it, but also because the cold helps keep algae from growing out of control.


After much failure, Jason called in a pool repair guy to fix our problems. Look! See all those clean places in the pool? That grumpy old man got that cleaner running like a champ.  Now we can bring on the swim season. Too bad that means we’ll have to deal with all that heat, though.

If you haven’t checked it out, I do have all the current daily photos going on over at my Project 365 blog. I’m still working on the physical book from 2009.


I’ve got most of the photos printed and placed into the sleeves (only 15 more to go). But I’ve only got the journaling caught up through March (thank heavens for those blog posts). Once it’s done, I’ll get going on this year’s book so I won’t be 2 years behind again  **she says while crossing her fingers**.