Sunday, June 28, 2009

A day for scrapbooking

I made myself sit down and actually do a scrapbook page. Last weekend I joined my sisters Suzee, Margaret and Beverly, my niece Kacie and Bev's friend Terri for lunch at Claim Jumper. Our life long family friend Chris and his son joined us in time to buy us dessert. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately it didn't end so well because of a heated discussion about something from when my mom died. Anyway, here is the scrapbook page I did this afternoon....

Template by Yin, Artimia kit with additional items from Katie Pertiet

Friday, June 19, 2009

I are not smart

I must be truthful with you. I don't always do the smartest things. Let me give you an example of the most recent dumb thing I've done.....
This is a really dumb thing to do when you've just recently lost 20 lbs. Yeah, making Toffee Crack is something you only do if you want to gorge yourself on high sugar, high fat treats.
I even went the extra mile and added pecan pieces and some melted white chocolate bark to the top.
And since misery loves company I wanted to share these images with you and perhaps you will visit this website for the incredibly simple recipe for this highly addictive snack.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I am one of 4. My dad, at times, affectionately called us Thing One, Thing Two, Thing Three and Thing Four (go read The Cat In The Hat) and I am Thing 4. It wasn't always easy being the baby of the family (although my sisters seem to think I was spoiled).

We were pretty poor when I was a kid. I remember we sometimes got hand-me-downs from a family with older girls. I was the smallest so I got the hand-me-downs that my sisters had grown out of. My mom was a great seamstress so quite often she made our clothes.

If you'd ever spent time at our house back in those days, this was a common site to see....

Holly, sitting at her sewing machine. And if you are curious about what she is working on, then the next photo is for you.
She made each of us a Holly Hobbie doll and our very own Holly Hobbie dress. As you can see, we were very happy.

I wasn't always happy to have sisters. We had our fair share of fights growing up. Of course if you were the one caught being mean, you had to say the family prayer that night. Have you ever tried to pray when you are being a meany? Not an easy thing to do.

Now that I'm a mom, I look back to the days of my youth and can't help but ask, How in the world did our parents not kill us? I have only 2 and there were days that I thought they might not make it to their teenage years. My mom and dad had 4 girls in 4 years.

I really love these sisters of mine and I treasure every memory of growing up in that crazy house. BTW, I think we are overdue for a get-together.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's OK to scraplift!

I've been feeling kind of down for a few days so I thought maybe if I did some scrapping I'd take my mind off my troubles. Here are a couple of pages that I scraplifted* today.
My page of Jacob is scraplifted from this page.

My page of Jared is scraplifted from a layout I saved in my ideas folder, but I have no idea who did the original. It was a good way to pass the time.

*scraplift: the act of copying ideas and designs from another person’s scrapbook page to use in your own pages.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yeah, something is wrong with me

Ever since I came across this website, I have been totally addicted. I spend way too much time drooling over the photos and having fantasies. You'd think that I would be smart and stay away since pretty much everything I see is forbidden to me. My family is shocked that I torture myself in this manner. Why? they ask me.... I tell them that soon, although not soon enough, I'll be fulfilling my fantasies. Ah, I am counting down the days.