Sunday, June 28, 2009

A day for scrapbooking

I made myself sit down and actually do a scrapbook page. Last weekend I joined my sisters Suzee, Margaret and Beverly, my niece Kacie and Bev's friend Terri for lunch at Claim Jumper. Our life long family friend Chris and his son joined us in time to buy us dessert. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately it didn't end so well because of a heated discussion about something from when my mom died. Anyway, here is the scrapbook page I did this afternoon....

Template by Yin, Artimia kit with additional items from Katie Pertiet

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Nancy Face said...

That looks fantastic! I bet it feels great to get a page done! :)

I pretty much haven't done scrapbooking for nearly two years, and I REALLY miss it! I'm trying to catch up on editing and printing tons of pictures from that time span so I'll start doing it again, but how do you catch up on pictures when you just keeping taking MORE? Haha! :D