Sunday, August 21, 2011

Montana Vacation Part Deux

Once we left the cabin, we headed to Kalispell. We spent several days at Marcie’s house. One of those days we headed to Big Mountain in White Fish. Jason missed out on our trip because he had another golf day planned with a friend.
You can just make out the ski trails in the mountain ahead.
As soon as we got there, we hopped on a lift to ride it to the top of the Alpine Slide ride. You can see some of the slide in the picture I snapped of Betsy, Taylor, Beau and Jim in the first lift.
And this is the picture of them from the lift I was riding on.
It’s me, Jessica and Parker. Aren’t we brave riding with the safety bar up? Actually, I didn’t know we had one!
And bringing up the rear is Jared, Olivia, Brittany and Jacob. Behind them is where the Alpine Slide ends.
Here’s a small section of the slide taken from my lift.
As you come up to the top, they tell you to get ready to run so the lift doesn’t run you over. Here’s my kids and Britt getting ready to run for it.
Time for some documentation photos….pay attention Jacob. Jared knows what to do.
Hey Jared, let me get a picture of you. Thanks for blocking my shot Jacob.
Um, Jacob… will you please cooperate so I can remember this day and scrapbook about it please.
Oh look, it’s me and my kids. The background almost looks fake in this picture. As you can tell, it was a chilly day.
This is looking down at part of the Alpine Slide track. That tiny man is there to take pictures so the tourists can spend lots of money for a copy.
Here is most of our group. Everyone gets instructions on how to operate the sled. I’ll be in line as soon as I get some photos.
Get your phones out so you can video your slide!
There goes Jared! Have fun!!     So did they enjoy it?
YES!! Here they come up the lift to go down the slide again.
After sliding, we all went on a nature trail walk. Big Mountain also has zip line tours, but it was WAY over our budget.
We could hear these people coming down these lines before we could see them.
I really loved being on that trail. Living in Arizona makes you appreciate simple streams and green everywhere you look.
Finally the day trip is over and it’s time to go.
Everyone is a little tired and ready to call it a day.
That’s it for part deux. I’ll try and wrap up the Montana Vacation in one more post to come soon…..