Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rope swing at Twin Lakes

One of the things the kids looked forward to on this Montana trip was going back to Twin Lakes near the cabin so they could swing on the rope swing they found last year. We were all very happy that it was still there.

Jacob by the rope

Jared has the rope and Olivia and Parker wait for their turn.

The bravest kids use the make shift ladder to get a lot more out of their swing.

Jared out on the rope

When they got bored with the swing, the kids practiced skipping rocks before we took off.

You have to make sure you find a good rock to skip.

Everyone looks to see how far the rock makes it across the lake.
We didn't stay as long this time that we did last year. Sadly, Samantha had to stay behind at the cabin with her dad since she wasn't feeling well because of blood sugar problems from her diabetes.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Counting down

We are only 9 days away from our annual summer trip to Montana. And I have done NOTHING to prepare. I haven't looked at my wardrobe or planned a grocery list. I haven't even colored my hair or bought a new bathing suit. Of course, I might not need a bathing suit this year since there is a very good possibility we won't be getting out on the lake.

I need to get excited about this trip so I can stop worrying about the long drive in the truck with 4 kids. They did pretty good last year, but we only had one child who was remotely happy about going.

This was them as we pulled out of our driveway last year. See what I'm talking about?

This summer, our kids will get to enjoy the company of the Burman cousins as well as the Albright cousins. Jason and I are hoping this will make it a more enjoyable experience for the older kids.

This is a photo from 2 years ago of the Burman kids with 3 of our kids at The Circle (actually, our 4th kid is there but seems to be hiding). I think they are all smiling because they were going to have ice cream. I know it always makes me smile.

It's time to buy some hair color and get my lists together so I will be ready to enjoy our family vacation. I might even go get me a new bathing suit and hope for time on a lake shore for a little swimming.