Friday, May 22, 2009

You Might Enjoy This

I'm finding myself singing this song and it's making me hungry.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder

On any given day, I have many questions that go through my head. Today I will share just a few with you....

If I am running the air conditioner at 78 degrees (with the thermostat upstairs), why is my loft 82 degrees?

Have you ever seen such a cute little USB memory stick? (compare it to the regular memory stick above it)

Why do I take so many pictures of my cat? Does he even care that nobody can resist his silkiness?

How can my child sleep with his bed like this?

How can my child sleep with his bed like this? Wait, I'm beginning to repeat myself.

Is ther an unwritten rule that says at least 85% of boxers manufactured should be plaid?

Why didn't we take the cute cake off the outside box it came in before we took pictures? Why did we leave it there for the whole party?

If anyone has some answers, I'd love to hear them.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I was in a bit of a dilemma today. I've got this old pair of worn in Levis. They are at that stage where they are soft and the denim is thinning a bit. Well, they had a small rip in the seat that became larger from wearing them over my growing behind. Because I am cheap cost conscience, I decided to repair them instead of replacing them. So I got some cute flower iron-on patches to repair them with. Unfortunately the iron has been missing ever since we moved. I really wanted them fixed.

And then it came to me. We had another iron in the house. And I knew exactly where it was. Only this iron isn't usually used for anything remotely like this. It was my step-daughter's flat iron for her hair. I said to myself, "It gets hot...just like a clothes iron." And do you know what? It worked GREAT!
I just kept moving it and squeezing until each little petal was fused tight to the jeans. Ingenious! In fact, I think it worked even better than the times I've had to iron on patches for my kids clothes using a regular iron. I don't think I'll tell her that I found another use for her flat iron. We'll just keep this our little secret.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Science Fairs and Camping Out

Just last week my step-daughter Olivia participated in her school's Science Fair. Unfortunately we got some bad information about what time it was happening so we got there as it was ending. We went in anyway so we could check out her project.

Her daddy is checking out the eggs that she did her experiment with.

She had 4 eggs in different substances and recorded what each did to it's egg.

Olivia is showing us one that was unaffected. The most odd thing I see in this picture is the sweatshirt she is wearing. I'm telling you it was about 95 degrees outside this day.

Had to get a close-up of her eggs during the experiment. That egg in vinegar is pretty gross looking.

As that week came to a close, we were ready for our kid free time. Only those moms and dads who are on their second marriages would know what these are all about. (As much as we love our children, we still enjoy the time they spend at the other parental unit's home.) We decided to load up the truck on Saturday and head up to the cooler climate of Payson, AZ.
It takes us less than 2 hours to get there. We love to drive around....even when we have no place to go. It's a stress reliever for us and we always enjoy each other's company and conversation.
Saturday night we just sat around by our fire talking and playing Farkle. I thought it was chilly, but Jason thought it was great. I was feeling a little sorry for myself because I'm on a diet and wasn't able to eat the pizza he brought back to our camp site. Yeah, yeah, I know pizza is NOT a camp food, but we didn't plan in advance and the impromptu adventure is more important than what you eat.
In the morning, Jason lit our fire back up and we put our percolator on the hot coals. While waiting for it to get hot, I snapped a few pictures to show you why I really don't mind camping out.
Jason found this super duper cool truck tent at Cabela's. It sets up super fast and then we hook the opening around the end of the truck.
Standing inside the tent (and yes, it's tall enough to stand upright in) you can see our very cozy bed set up in the bed of the pickup. Jason bought an air mattress that fits the pickup bed and we throw a thick foam pad on top of that. Then I put some king size sheets on it with some blankets and VOILA! Comfort at it's finest.
I can't wait to go again while it's still cold enough to have a fire going. Too bad most of our kids don't enjoy camping.