Friday, May 8, 2009


I was in a bit of a dilemma today. I've got this old pair of worn in Levis. They are at that stage where they are soft and the denim is thinning a bit. Well, they had a small rip in the seat that became larger from wearing them over my growing behind. Because I am cheap cost conscience, I decided to repair them instead of replacing them. So I got some cute flower iron-on patches to repair them with. Unfortunately the iron has been missing ever since we moved. I really wanted them fixed.

And then it came to me. We had another iron in the house. And I knew exactly where it was. Only this iron isn't usually used for anything remotely like this. It was my step-daughter's flat iron for her hair. I said to myself, "It gets hot...just like a clothes iron." And do you know what? It worked GREAT!
I just kept moving it and squeezing until each little petal was fused tight to the jeans. Ingenious! In fact, I think it worked even better than the times I've had to iron on patches for my kids clothes using a regular iron. I don't think I'll tell her that I found another use for her flat iron. We'll just keep this our little secret.


Suzee said...

Between us!
Until she see your floral backside on your blog and reads what you did with her flat iron.
Worked better because they get A LOT hotter than a regular iron.
Hmmm...maybe we need to patent a ceramic plated clothes iron!
We're going to be rich!

Crissie said...

Nah, she never comes here...I'm not cool enough to waste any time on. LOL!

Nancy Face said...

You're so smart, and the jeans look great! :)

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant---I've never thought to use a flat iron for anything but hair and the occasional hair ribbon!

It was nice to get to know you the other day! I'm glad you showed up so I could discover your cute blog. : )

Anonymous said...

Nice @$$