Monday, June 15, 2009


I am one of 4. My dad, at times, affectionately called us Thing One, Thing Two, Thing Three and Thing Four (go read The Cat In The Hat) and I am Thing 4. It wasn't always easy being the baby of the family (although my sisters seem to think I was spoiled).

We were pretty poor when I was a kid. I remember we sometimes got hand-me-downs from a family with older girls. I was the smallest so I got the hand-me-downs that my sisters had grown out of. My mom was a great seamstress so quite often she made our clothes.

If you'd ever spent time at our house back in those days, this was a common site to see....

Holly, sitting at her sewing machine. And if you are curious about what she is working on, then the next photo is for you.
She made each of us a Holly Hobbie doll and our very own Holly Hobbie dress. As you can see, we were very happy.

I wasn't always happy to have sisters. We had our fair share of fights growing up. Of course if you were the one caught being mean, you had to say the family prayer that night. Have you ever tried to pray when you are being a meany? Not an easy thing to do.

Now that I'm a mom, I look back to the days of my youth and can't help but ask, How in the world did our parents not kill us? I have only 2 and there were days that I thought they might not make it to their teenage years. My mom and dad had 4 girls in 4 years.

I really love these sisters of mine and I treasure every memory of growing up in that crazy house. BTW, I think we are overdue for a get-together.


Nancy Face said...

I love that your dad called you Thing 4...I'm a Dr. Seuss fan! :D

My favorite picture is the top precious! The Holly Hobbie dolls and dresses are amazing, too! :)

Leigh said...

Do you have any idea how jealous I was of those Holly Hobby dolls and dresses?

I think it is funny how perspectives can be so different. I always thought that your family was the wealthy family on the block! Heck, I got hand me downs from you guys!

I have told you before, but I will say it again, there isn't a moment of my childhood that doesn't contain memories of you all. I cherish those memories and count myself blessed to be included in so much of the happenings at the Lundberg Home.

Suzee said...

At least now we finally understand why our mother was insane. It's hereditary. You get it from your kids.

Carrot Jello said...

We ARE overdue for a get together, aren't we? I was thinking the same thing.
My my could sew, but not like that. Not at all.

wampumqueen said...

I remember your dad calling you guys Thing 1,2....Your mom was insane, my mom still is. Isn't it amazing our dad's stuck it out so long. Your mom may have been insane but I think she was great. Always full of energy and love.