Monday, July 28, 2008

A little more Montana

I thought that since I am still keyed up from work that I'd share some more photos from vacation.
I let the kids loose with my camera while we were at Quinn's Restaurant and they had lots of fun taking pictures...

Here are our 3 oldest posing for their youngest sister.

"I'm crushing your head!"

Just how bad is the cellular service in Plains? Well, if you have T-mobile, you might just have to find the "spots" to talk where your phone won't drop a call.

"Dad, can you hear me now?"

We were surprised to see a helicopter out at the cabins. They were scooping water right out of the river just up the road from us.

Don't let those power lines fool you into thinking there is electricity at the cabins...unless you bring your generator to hook up to the lines you are using propane, baby!

This next one is just something Samantha found while out taking a walk.

It's the circle of life, kids.

We spent many fun hours at Twin Lakes because Jason found us a rope swing! He added some extra rope to it so the kids could swing easier.

...and me, too! Thanks Jason!!

The kids all got a shooting lesson thanks to Beau leaving us his rifle to use.

Here's Jason setting it up for the kids.

Jacob taking aim.

And finally, how can you call it camping without a campfire and SMORES!

Believe it or not, it's about 9 o'clock at night in this photo!

So that's it for tonight, folks. Hope you've enjoyed the second round of vacation pictures.

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