Thursday, August 7, 2008

WOOHOO! School is back in session!

I have to tell you how glad I am that the kids are back in school. My boys are out of the house and I have peace and quiet again. This means I now have a sophomore in high school and a 7th grader and my hubby has an 8th grader and 4th grader. Jason and I joke that we only have 9 more years and then we can move away! Or maybe we aren't joking...

This Sunday, Jacob (my oldest) turns 15. I won't see him until that evening since this is their weekend with their dad. I plan on baking a cake so we can celebrate when he gets home. German chocolate is always popular with our kids so that's probably what I'll end up making. Hopefully they will eat most of it because cake tends to call to me when I'm in the house with it.

I'm trying to find some great recipes for dinners. I plan to put together a recipe file filled with meals that have proven to be eaten by most of us. Jason and I both hate to cook if nobody is going to eat. A while back I came across a recipe for Bourbon Chicken on Miss Kim's blog It's wonderful! She has others I plan to try. Thanks Miss Kim! If you have any meals that are well received by children, let me know.

This morning I realized there was no milk in the house. I hate when that happens. My boys are HUGE milk drinkers but terrible informers about the milk status. Also, we have the whole gang here tonight and I need to make sure there is food to eat so it's off to the store! Guess that means my day has to start for real. Bummer.

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