Saturday, August 30, 2008

It all happened on Friday

Yesterday was quite a day! It was the day after a HUGE storm ripped through the greater Phoenix area Thursday night. This storm brought lightening, wind, rain and hail larger than peas. And as we saw the next day, lots of trees ripped out of the ground by their roots and many more with huge limbs snapped off. It came in two waves (that I know of). The first one was before our kids went to bed. Of course we had to go outside because we are true Arizonans and we actually think a good storm is like a show. "But Crissie, isn't it dangerous to be outside while there is an electrical storm?" Of course it's dangerous but at least here at my house we are willing to risk the odds on being struck by lightening.

Round two of the storm came after Jason was sleeping. I was in the kitchen and I heard something hit the house (I'm still not sure what it was). I went to the back door and saw the rain in the glow of a streetlight blowing sideways. This was one powerful storm! I went to bed and during the VERY early hours between 2 and 3 a.m. I was awakened by Jason tossing a cat out of our bed. He said that Elvis had been digging under my extra sheet I use to keep me warmer. He had been awakened earlier by the cats wrestling around in the bathroom over something. So he tosses my extra sheet back and I can tell there is something in the bed. I remember thinking to myself, "Please don't let that be a turd". So Jason goes over to the light switch and asks me if I'm ready. On goes the light and this is what is in bed with us....

OMG! It's a dead bird!

I can only assume this not so little bird was wounded in the storm and one of my cats came across him. I'm sure which ever one of them brought this thing in must have been thinking he was a total warrior! And when we went downstairs for the day, we found feathers all over the floor in the downstairs hallway and family room. Downstairs was obviously where they had the most fun with their new friend.
After getting rid of the bird and changing the sheets we caught a few more hours of sleep. Later that day we took my sister Bev out for lunch to celebrate her birthday. Here are a couple pics of the little Rolodex scrapbook I made for her. I wish I would have had more photos to use but there were none to be had.
There were a few more pages but this gives you the general idea.
Then, I went with Bev and her girlfriends Teri and Becky out for her birthday dinner to a fabulous Italian restaurant called Vincitorio's.

This was my first time there and I will tell you that it will NOT be my last. For starters, the atmosphere is lovely. But most important, the food is wonderful! And I will tell you that even though I was totally stuffed after eating almost all of my Capellini Campagnola (that tasted SO good) I still had my share of sampling the 3 desserts we ordered to share. YUMMY!! And Bev had a wonderful time. Which is the reason we chose to be gluttons for the night.

Yes, it was a VERY long day. Some great, some not so great, and all of it just another day in my life....

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Anonymous said...

I love the story about the dead bird. That is such typical "outdoor" kitty bevavior.

Reading your blog just makes me feel like I'm part of the family!