Monday, June 23, 2008

If you listen carefully, you can hear the keyboard

It's so quiet tonight. Usually I'm listening to the television because my boys seem to need it on to sustain life, but while they are vacationing with their dad, I have my peace and quiet. (Jason is also a television fan, but now he's asleep so he can go to work before the sun comes up!) I can spend an entire day without ever turning on the t.v. I would chalk it up to being a guy thing, but there was a time when I was addicted to the shows on the boob-tube. It's true....I would actually plan my day around my shows, and sometimes I couldn't go anywhere because there wasn't enough time between them to run my errands. I kind of blame that lifestyle on much of the extra weight I carried around with me then. I now have a few I'll watch with Jason, but they are almost always recorded.

I'm finishing up my first week of jogging. Today I tried to lengthen my stride so that perhaps I can one day call what I'm doing "running". Right now I think I look like I escaped from a circus. LOL!! The good news is that my inner thighs are no longer screaming at me when I'm done and my calf muscles can go almost twice the distance before they let me know they are not liking the abuse. Still not much improvement in the lung department (or the fat department) but I will just keep at it and it will come.

Do you ever wish you were a cat? Just lay around sleeping most of the day and then walk around knocking valuables off their place of honor in the night. Yes, that would be the life! How fun it must be to watch the humans come running out of their comfy beds to see what the hell just hit the floor. Ah, yes! Being a cat could be quite fun....

I guess I've finally got myself unwound enough from work tonight so I can go to bed. After all, I do need to be up before it gets way too hot to perform my street circus act! LOL!!

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