Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Eve

Well, tomorrow is Father's Day and we get to go get my DH girls this evening so they will be with him tomorrow. It's always neat to have the girls alone when the boys are gone as we always have boys in the house. I need to take them out to buy something for them to give their dad in the morning. Thank goodness he gave me a great idea of something he would like to get...I am such a lousy gift-giver! LOL!! He, on the other hand, is wonderful at giving gifts. I was the lucky recipient of a camera for Mother's Day! I'm telling you that the man is too good at it and it makes me realize how much I have to learn!! Hehehe!

I have been making a hybrid digital scrapbook album for him that he will get from his girls. It's not really from them, but it does have great photos of them from before we met. I asked him to share some that he especially liked. I can't wait to finish it up tonight. I'll post some photos tomorrrow once he's had a chance to see it first.

Another thing I plan to do tonight is to make my dad a Father's Day card to send to him via email. He lives across town (about 45 minutes away) with his second wife (he married after my mom died). I'll tell you, with the price of gas at more than $4 per gallon, I won't drive anywhere I don't have to!! I'm sure he's got a lot planned with his new family, anyway.

To all you DADs out there.... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

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