Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Rental House

Well folks, we finally narrowed our search for a house to rent and put an application on one. Good news! We were accepted and will begin our move in 2 weeks. I've been going through my belongings and have tossed out a full trash can full of "stuff" I obviously thought was important once. When faced with packing and moving it, suddenly it's garbage. We've also bagged many items for donation.

Here is a photo of the house. Unfortunately for the girls, it only has 4 bedrooms and now they will have to share.

I'm wondering if anyone wants to come and help? We take possesion on Friday the 30th, and if you aren't affraid of driving, could use some furniture movers on Saturday :)


Anonymous said...

It's a real nice looking house. I don't know about moving since Ron fell at work yesterday and hurt his back and I'm about as useful as (?) well you can fill in the blank. But I would love to see the new home. I'll talk to hubby. He does the driving for me.

Suzee said...

I will check with Mary Poppins and see what his schedule is like. Maybe I'll just come by myself, well really there's no such thing. After all I have a Dan. I also have the truck and you did move some of my crap, in the middle of the summer!

Leigh said...

It looks like a lovely home! I would love to offer help, let me check the kids schedules a new season of activities has started and I don't know who goes where when these days!