Friday, January 23, 2009

New Home For Chooch

I have finally got someone to adopt our dog. I'm very happy about who he will be going to live with. I got an email in response to my craigslist post from a gal who's 90 year old grandfather's dog just died. This man lives alone but his family visits often. She tells me that his dog was what gave him a reason to get up each day. She and her mom came by our house to meet Chooch today. They wanted to be sure he'd be the right dog. Well, he is a sweet little guy, and he is just looking for someone to love him that he can love in return. This gal asked if I would like them to send Christmas cards each year to keep in touch so I can hear about our dog and how he's doing out in Payson. I have the best feeling about it. She'll be coming back on Wednesday morning to get Chooch on their way up to visit the grandfather.


Leigh said...

It is always so hard to find a new home for a beloved pet. They become a part of your family so quickly. I am so glad that you found your doggie a new home that he will love and be loved.

Suzee said...

Ohh..I'm going to cry! Will Jared cry too? Poor little Chooch. He really has always been the sweetest, calmest little pooch, that Chooch. I'm so glad that someone will reaaly love him. I hope the guy lives as long as Chooch does, that they can finish their days loving each other.

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