Monday, January 5, 2009

Back At School!

I know my kids aren't happy to be back at school. They really love Christmas vacation. 2 weeks of mostly free time to play with their friends and to enjoy their new goodies.

Jason and I were talking about our childhood years and we were trying to remember if we, as kids, had the number of sleep overs that our kids do now. Almost every night this past week we were either sending a kid (or two) to a friend's house or friends were staying here.

I spent this last week sick with a cold. I've had bad chest congestion and my head is working double time making lots of snot. Let me tell you how much I appreciate Mucinex DM. Without their drug, I wouldn't be breathing very well right now. It really does kick the mucus out of your lungs.

This is how they want us to think about our mucus. I've chosen to use the picture of the female mucus because I don't like to think of that ugly man mucus inside my lungs. Now I'm pretty much just taking Sudafed for the head congestion. I'd rather be taking Claritin D but I don't feel like going to the pharmacy to buy an over the counter drug right now.

I hope all of you have escaped getting sick. It really sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Yea! Back to school time is great! Except that I don't always like getting up early knowing I am stating my day that way. But it must be cold season. I've had a cold that has been masquarading as alergies for almost 2 weeks. And it gets old after a while. Hang in there. At least the kids are back at school.