Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Would you want them for neighbors?

I just want to vent today about our next door neighbors. At first glance they seem to be nice people. This family sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to our house on the day of our wedding when only that very morning they learned we were to get married and they always say "Hi" when they see us. The gripe I have is that they ALWAYS park right in front of our house. ALWAYS. There will be nobody parked in front of their own house, but they don't seem to want to park there. They have 4 vehicles for a family of 4. They could easily park the 2 extra vehicle in front of their own house. The neighbor on the opposite side of them has their driveway on the far side so the space of their 2 yards makes a large area. On the other hand, WE have only the space of our own yard between their driveway and ours.

I know it seems like it's not such a big deal, but it is annoying to us. Imagine that every time you look out your front window you see a car right in front of your house. Many times it is their company so the first thought when I see a strange car outside my house is "who is coming to see us?" Well, last night when I went out to look for Elvis (my cat) this is what I saw...

And, NO the car isn't running, that brake light just looks like that from my camera flash. There is about 5 feet of space between the Honda Element and the neighbor's truck. Here's a big surprise... there was NOBODY parked in front of ANY other house including the neighbor where this car's owner was visiting. So I ask you, Would you want them to be your neighbor? Let's not even discuss how they let their little rat dog come right up to our front door to bark at us and then take a pee right on the bushes by our front door, or how their son (who just graduated high school) and his friends have been caught jumping on our trampoline in the middle of the night. No, lets save that for another day.


Suzee said...

You know next time you can just call the cops and they'll come out and give them a ticket for blocking your driveway. They're not allowed to do that. They don't even need to know that you called them. They can think that the cops were just patrolling and saw them!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we get neighbors like that. I think that you have more of 'those' type of neighbors when you live in an apartment though.