Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sticks and Stone May Break His Bones...


Jacob (my oldest) has broken his wrist once again. The last time was when he was in the 3rd grade so I suppose that this repeat performance isn't so bad.

His first break was in the 3rd grade on someone else's skates. The kids were trying to see who could jump off a ramp and land the furthest.... He won! And he broke both his ulna and radius bones in his right wrist.

This time, he was looking over his shoulder while on his long board (skateboard) and somehow fell and fractured a small bone in his wrist.

Luck for us he has become a frequent flier at the urgent care.

This photo is from Mother's Day when he smacked his head into a tether ball pole and we spent a whole evening at the urgent care and they recommended an ambulance ride to the hospital to get him a cat scan on his head. Of course he was fine (I always said he was hard headed!)

So how was your weekend?


Suzee said...

Well, that's nothing compared to the amount of broken bones Kacie's had. 2 wrists fractures and a good head smack for our Jaybub pales in comparison. Kc's up to 2 wrist, 1 ankle, nose once and 3 fingers now! Your son looks like he thinks you've lost your mind photo documenting his demise!

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of Suzee and all of her injuries during childhood. Maybe Jake's 'accident proneness'gene is somewhere in this family blood line.