Thursday, September 25, 2008

Remedial Typist

I found this typing test while reading Sweet Shoppe Design blog this morning. They do this thing called From Our Blog To Yours and you are supposed to post something they request on your blog then go back and comment in their blog with a link to your posting. It lets you earn points...but I'm not going to play along just because I don't need one more thing to keep up with. LOL! BUT, I did take the test just to see how fast I type. And it's not very fast.
53 words

Typing Test

So now when you read my posts, you'll realize all the time I took to share my life with you. It ain't easy! LOL. Did I tell you that I got a "D" in typing in high school?


Ron Fagundes said...

Wow that is so good with the typing. Girls can always type faster than guys - I type everyday and I came close to your score but couldn't match it. Of course I am here at work and only did it once. Now if you did that the first time, I don't want to hear about it - LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice job. I work as a medical biller (typing data entry) my score was '21' words per minute. I think I have everyone beat on the looser side. Oh well.

Chris Cunningham said...

HI :) I decided to check out your blog, and instead of focusing on your life. I found a challange that I quickly had to attempt. Since we both took typing at Glendale High, (I had Mr. Heatwole) I had to see just how fast I can type......sooooo, note my results below and consider it a challange from a fellow cardinal (and little brother) to do better than I! 67 words/min first try !! Muhhhhhahahahahahaaaa!