Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Que The William Tell Overture!

The time has come to begin my mad, crazy rush into the Christmas season. I haven't even begun. Well, actually, I did get our tree assembled and plugged in this past weekend. This Thursday when the girls come home we will most likely begin decorating.

I am trying VERY hard to not let my Grinchy heart keep me from enjoying the season. So this year we are focusing on the real meaning of Christmas. When our Savior is the focus, my heart will surely grow three sizes.

I plan to find stories to read to the family that will draw His spirit into our festivities. If you know any, please forward them to me. I'll be scouring the public library for children's books...even grown up children like to look at pictures when the story is being read.

I have a couple scrapbook projects in the works and hopefully they will be completed on time. I can't say too much about what I'm doing yet, but of course you know I'll post the pictures once the projects have reached their destination.

Time to turn on the Christmas music and get busy...


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Anonymous said...

You are already ahead of us on the Christmas thing. Our stuff is still in storage at mom-in-laws. Last year I heard the story of the three trees. Do you know it? I'll look for it. (I'm going to do a new blog. I've outgrown my simming to avoid life. Just need a clever new title that sounds more me)