Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas Post

Yeah, it's a bit late, but I figured I'd share some photos of our Christmas.

Here in this first picture you see our tree and our wonderful yule log burning.

Here are my favorite people. Look...they're smiling!

I made one of my kids take a picture of me with Jason...can't have enough of those.
I sure love that husband of mine...he gives this fat girl candy (that's love, baby). I mean, look at that spare tire! OK, I am hitting the workout DVD's hard after this jug of my favorite candy is gone. Honey, I'm sure that by our anniversary there will be less of me to love.

As you know, I'm a Nail Tech and I get great gifts from my clients. This one I just had to share...
My client (who is more like a girlfriend) Sheri Nork gave me this WAY cool bottle of vodka. She made her husband go back to the store and get me one after he brought her a bottle home. You see, I introduced her to the Twilight series and she knows how much I love Edward (but not more that you, Jason). I think it is an awesome bottle. It looks like blood inside. Thanks Sheri!

So that's all I have for tonight. Actually, it's now after midnight, so I guess I should say that's all for this morning.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you had a great Christmas. And everyone did look happy. Real men who love their wives always give "fat girl" candy gifts. Also, I noticed you use the same kind of yule log as we do. Ron says, Christmas traditions wouldn't be the same without a yule log to warm up the living room :).

Suzee said...

Fat girl? Here I was looking at your picture and thinking how cute and thin you looked. Then you had to go and point out your little muffin top. See I never would have even noticed it had you not told me to look for it.
Tootsie rolls huh? My favorite would have to be Almond Roca! It comes in such a pretty pink can...num num toffee!!