Monday, December 22, 2008

Did Someone Say Party?

This past Saturday was our annual family Christmas Brunch. Much of my time leading up to it was spent on my craft projects. Here are some photos of what I was doing.

This first picture is of the scrapbook I made for my step-mom, Susan. It's a little brag book of her grand kids. It's not what I was planning, but I ended up ditching the first book because I couldn't make it come together. All the pages are done on chipboard so it's nice and sturdy. Here is a picture of what it looked like before I assembled it...

I printed the photos on my home printer. I just cut them out and glued them onto the chipboard.

Next is the little book I did for Margaret. I liked the colors in the paper because it went so well with the color in her great family photo I used on the cover. Same idea of printing out pictures and gluing them on the chipboard

This is the little black and white brag book I literally put together at the last minute. I photoshopped all the pictures to make them black and white and then I ran some fantastic wordart onto transparencies and assembled them in front of the pictures. The transparencies are separate from the photos so you can move them off the pictures.

This is the t-shirt I made up for Suzee. I absolutly love it (and made one for myself, too). I used the wordart from a freebie digital kit.

This was such a fun time for me and all these goodies made me excited for our family day.

Here are just a few of the pictures I snapped...

Alas, my time with the little statue is at an end. My addition is the big gun and holster. Now he can look tough in his thong and hat.

Hi Kaity! Say "Cheese"

Here's Suzee and Margaret sporting some awesome aprons that Suzee made.

And finally just a group shot of the people who were sitting across the room from me. Looks like Suzee and Kaity are critiquing the pictures they just took.
I think we should all get together more than just once a year. You agree?

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Anonymous said...

Your ideas and books were perfect gifts. I really enjoyed myself (more this year then in the past). Thanks for the statue close-up. I had one of Suzee giving him a kiss, but thought it would be more discrete if I didn't put it on my blog. We should get together more often so we can make more family memories!