Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's Been Going On?

It's been a busy week since I blogged last. I should have put some photos up last time that showed Jacob getting cast #2 put on, so I'm posting them now. BTW, this was done Wednesday before we went to the fair.

Here is the mummy wrapping that goes under the cast to make it more comfortable.

Doctor is just starting the outer wrap

He's working quickly

And here is the finished product!

This cast fits snugly and doesn't allow the movement that he had with his first cast (after all his swelling went down he had WAY too much wiggle room). He should be able to have it removed in 2 weeks if he gets enough new bone growth.

We took the whole fam-damily (plus 2 more) and went camping last weekend in Prescott. It was lots of fun and the only real hardship was freezing my butt off in the tent. Jason and I plan to look for some kind of portable heater we can use to take the chill off. He is fine in the cold, but he looks out for me :)

Lately, I've been running Jacob all over the place. After a long battle with acne resisting all the medication the doctors prescribed, he is getting ready to start Actuate. This morning I had to take him to get his blood work done. They'll have to test it every month in order to fill the next month's worth of medication. We are fortunate to have a Sonoran Lab almost in our back yard. Only this morning when we went there, they were closed due to a water main break in the parking lot and the water had been shut off to those offices. So off we went to the next closest one. Unfortunately, that location was VERY busy. We waited about an hour and then I took Jacob to get some breakfast before dropping him off at school. He will have to fast every time they do his blood draw. I'm hoping this is the answer we've been looking for. I feel so bad for him having to go through this.

On Monday while I was still at work Jason came home to find this on the living room floor...

Yup, that's a baby bunny. Our cats are at it again. There is a wash that runs right by the end of our cul-de-sac and has lots of wildlife living in it. I've seen these little guys in the neighbor's yard and always think they are so cute. Obviously the cats think they are cute, too. And fun. There was rabbit fur chunks all over the house. Jacob is truly his mother's son because he had to get a couple pictures to document the moment. Thanks's gruesome, but it is for posterity. It was not dead yet so Jason had to end it's suffering. He's not very happy with those animals.

So now you know the happenings. Until next time, Peace out!


Suzee said...

Damn cats! Rotten little bunny killers. Kacie's kitty likes to eat them. They give her the worst gas. She goes in and sleeps next to Kc and lets out noiseless odor. SBD's! I told her Grizzy has bunny farts. :) lol

Anonymous said...

Don't your cats know about PETA? But they don't kill for food, do they? My little kitty has no killer instinct, but I think she is allergic to bunny fur. I guess after seeing pictures of your cats natural abilities, I'm glad that Jenni is so... so Jenni-ish.