Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Holly's Daughter

Yes, I am Holly's daughter. If you are not one of the 4 of us, you may ask "What does that mean?" Well, it means that we were raised with VERY strict rules regarding how we were to conduct ourselves under the roof of HER house. My sisters and I learned quickly that there were things we did not do. For instance, we had hand towels and we had dish towels and we knew the difference and were NOT allowed to dry our hands on dish towels. We also knew that unless we bought it ourselves, we were to treat everything with respect. It was actually a lesson I am glad we learned.

I began drilling some of the lessons I learned into the heads of my sons when they were quite young. They have embraced the Bathroom Towel Rule that states you will use a bath towel for several days before you are allowed to put it into the hamper. I am pleased that I don't have to wash a load of their bath towels every few days. Unfortunately Jacob is slow to learn about respecting the structure of the house.

The following picture shows our downstairs bathroom door that he put his hard head into. He claims to have tripped coming down the steps....hmmm, likely story.

This next photo is the inside of his bedroom door. It used to be our downstairs closet door but Jacob punched a hole in it. That duct tape is covering the evidence.

You are aware that I am now in a "blended family" and now have members of my household that were not raised by Holly's daughter. So now I try very hard to look the other way when they forget the Bathroom Towel Rule or something I didn't think needed a rule....

Yes, it used to be a good bathroom hand towel. Sadly, someone didn't think twice before using it to clean themselves off from Halloween makeup. I just don't get it. What is wrong with soap and water? And I know that it didn't phase this child to ruin someone else's property.

I will take a few deep breaths and try and forget for a moment that I was raised by Holly....

Oh who am I kidding?


Anonymous said...

No... never forget that you are Holly's daughter. My own child wipes makeup on available soft surfaces like her bathrobe... And you know I don't like it. I think they can still learn even when they get a little older. But still, they don't have a real concept of money or whether you might need to replace what they ruin.

Leigh said...

Thank you for that! You may not recall the state of my own home when we were growing up, but I can just imagine what your mother thought of it....maybe she rubbed off on me a bit since I have grown into a complete neat freak who will absolutely point out a missed speck of dust, a rumpled bed spread, and G-d help the child who screws with the sanctity of my hand towels!