Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hey, what has Crissie been up to?

I’ll bet you’re wondering what I’ve been doing with myself since I haven’t taken the time to keep up with my blogging. Well, I thought it would be nice to have another update using as many photos as I can. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

First up I’d like to share with you one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen driving on the freeway.


You don’t see this every day.


Here’s another  shot as I was going by. I wonder where it was going?

My oldest son Jacob got a hole in the toe of his shoe. I didn’t have the funds to get him new ones, so I did a Frankenstein patch job. Don’t judge.


This is just a random picture of my cat Elvis. I have lots of pictures of him.


HEY, what’s that out on the fence?


Oh, it’s a lizard sunning himself. You’d better run away before my cat sees you and plays with you to death.

Our downstairs powder room was painted this dark shade of green when we moved in. I’ve never really liked it,


so I painted it. My sister Beverly said she liked the green paint better, but I love how bright it is in there now.


Then I went out to the family room and put some of that paint up to see how it would look. It was such a nice improvement over that ugly interesting faux finish we inherited that I painted the whole fireplace wall with it. Soon I will paint the rest of the family room/kitchen with the darkest of that gray-beige paint shown on that paint chip.


Oh look, it’s Elvis.


Here is where I’m sitting right now, except the desk is messier since I took this picture.


I’ve found that I have a new addiction to yarn shopping. So many afghans, so little time. It’s kind of sad, but I sometimes can’t fall asleep because I’m thinking of the next project I want to crochet.


This throw needs at least 2 more strips and then I need to put a nice edging on it. I think it will go nice with the new color I just put on the fireplace wall.


I hope it doesn’t spoil the surprise for little Holly, but this is a baby afghan I crocheted to give her for her birthday this month.


I’ve blogged since this, but these are the awesome brownies that my youngest son Jared made me for my birthday. I love that my boys can bake. They will be very popular if they go off to college after high school.


Yesterday we had a HUGE rain storm. Some areas around Phoenix even got hail the size of golf balls that broke windows and damaged cars. If you look closely, you can see a rainbow just to the left of center. Don’t worry, no drivers were injured during this photo-op. 


And there’s that darn cat again.


Suzee said...

Oh I like the pictures of Elvis the best. However, I find myself feeling a tad heart broken on his behalf knowing that he missed out on such a delightful play toy!
I suppose he really doesn't mind much seeing as that cat's is like dragons.
Oh! I do so crack myslf up sometimes!

Oh, and you are a cruel girl. Posting pics of brownies when I am starving to death on this stupid stupid diet.

Bev said...

mmmmm.... brownies! DROOL! My sistas are so talented... I wonder what happened to me?

Andi said...

Lovin' Elvis. I am so glad you visited my blog. Gave me the opportunity to check out your blog and see that you live here in AZ with me. So I totally related to the storm pictures you posted! That was incredible.
I like you yarn loot- So many blankets to make with those lovelies!
Now regarding those brownies. I have a 16 year old nephew that has recently taken an interst in baking. I think that is brilliant.
Enjoy your weekend- :)