Saturday, September 11, 2010

For the love of crochet

I have a new passion. It’s crochet. I’m not sure why it took me this long to find out that I would absolutely love it. I remember learning to make a crochet chain as a youth. And that’s about all I could make. I mean, how much fun is it to have a bunch of chains laying around?

Lucky for me, I would sit in the salon break room with Alicia and watch her crochet project after project. One day a couple months ago I asked if she would teach me how. Soon after, my sister Suzee came over and gave me some pointers to make crochet easier… and now I’m totally “HOOKED”.


My first project came about from my practice stitches. It turned into the longest scarf in the world. The edges weren’t even and my tension was terrible. But I loved doing it! And that meant that I wanted to know more about it. Enter GOOGLE. I found some fantastic blogs and tutorials. It was total Eye Candy for me. I happened upon Attic24 and almost drooled over her work. Her most current project was her Granny Stripe blanket. I really wanted to try making one. Happy Birthday to Jacob because he was the proud recipient of my first official crochet blanket.


I had a terrible time making my edges straight, but it was such a joy to make. I learned a lot during this project.


Here is a photo of the blanket during the making stage. Elvis gave his stamp of approval by flopping down on it.

Even before I finished it, I was looking at what to make for my next project. I picked up a little booklet from Joann craft store with 10 afghan patterns.


I got to learn some new stitches on this one. It’s a lap blanket size afghan.

Now I’m almost finished with a crocheted bag that Lucy from Attic24 shares a how to. It’s to hold my traveling crochet projects. I’m not in love with the variegated yarn I chose and plan to do another, but next time in many different colored yarns and change color on each row (ala Lucy Bag).


In case anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday this Monday, I would LOVE to get yarn. And lots of it. Thanks :o)

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Andi said...

Welcome to the world of crochet. It looks like you have been really busy! Some really great projects are coming off your hook!