Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not tired of it yet…

My youngest son (Jared) asked me last night if I get bored doing the same thing over and over. He was referring to me crocheting. I told him that I only get bored when I’m about half way done with a project and so I start looking around for what’s next.

I’ve been having some back spasms this week, and luckily only had to go to the salon on Monday, so I’ve had lots of time to rest and ice the back. I thought it was the perfect chance to finish the color blocks throw I’d been working on since some time in September. I FORCED myself to just do it. And last night I finally got that darn thing completed. It even took a turn in the washing machine (I’d accidentally gotten some peanut butter on it).

I call it my Lucky 13. Each strip has 13 blocks and I’d really planned to do 13 strips, but couldn’t muster up the will to do those last 2. It’s a good size for a lap throw measuring 45” X 47”.

I went to my local library branch looking for some books on crochet and picked up this book

and was quite intrigued by the motif on this hat

and so I grabbed some yarn and struggled through the directions.

IMG_2544  I had a tough time with some of my slip stitches so I guess I need more practice. I’d like to do up 3 more and make a pretty pillow using them.

I’m hoping to get Jared’s ripple finished some time in the next week.

I set a one foot ruler on it to give you some perspective on the size. It’s 59” wide and is just about 47” long so far. It needs to be long enough to cover my six foot tall 14 year old. I’d be further along if I could just pay better attention. I’ve undone at least 10 rows throughout this. I just undid 3 1/2 rows last night when I realized I had one set of increase stitches off by one stitch and had thrown the rest of the pattern off.  I’m using Susan B’s Easy Ripple pattern.

Oh, see those lovely pots that my yarn is in? Those are hand made by Jacob. He’s in his second year of ceramics class and there are some really great things coming home lately. I’ll have to gather them together and take some pictures to post soon.

I guess I’d better get hooking so I can start my next project.

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Suzee said...

Sista! You little hooka! Great job...and I want a hat.
Can't wait to see you tomorrow...I hope!