Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is almost here


I almost can’t believe that Christmas is in 4 days (and today is almost over!). I actually have most of my shopping finished. Just a few little things and some stocking stuffers are all that’s left to buy.


There are still gifts to be wrapped, but I love to see the tree with our decorations and the white lights. Sorry to Jacob who wishes we had colored lights on our tree.

I’ve had a great time making crochet gifts for my family.


Here are some of the dishrags I made. I plan to  make many more of these in the coming year.IMG_2614

This is the long scarf I crocheted for my nephew, Elder Sam Jones, who is serving a mission in Indiana. It was a first for me with Tunisian crochet.  I hope it helps to keep him warm in his new cold climate.

I also made 2 other scarves for a couple of my sisters that I forgot to get pictures of….1 for Beverly and 1 for Margaret.  I need to get that camera warmed up for my Project 365 I’m doing again in the coming year.

Do you remember the hat in the book from this post? I began making it for my sister Suzee, but it’s on hold while I wait for the library to get that book back in stock so I can see the pattern again. LOL.

We are keeping pretty busy around here. Jason just spent the last weekend working. At work. I missed him.  The kids are now on Christmas vacation (I refuse to call it ‘Winter Break’) until the 3rd of January. I’m so excited that I’ll get to sleep in on my days off!! 

Earlier this month Jacob went to a Sweater Social at church for the youth. Jason pulled out a sweater from storage that was knit for him by his mom years ago…totally “old school”.


He won the prize for “itchiest sweater”.


Jared had his Winter Strings concert at Desert Vista. (That’s him behind the only kid without a Santa hat)  Beverly and her daughter Kaity came with me. The concert was fabulous.


Jason got us a fire going using the dead tree branches we had to cut off the trees that I almost killed (they didn’t get watered for half of the summer since I didn’t realize we had a drip system). Olivia and Jacob came out to enjoy the flames. I used a night time setting that kept the lens open longer and it gave a cool affect with the embers coming off the fire.

Just this past weekend was the annual Lundberg family brunch. It was great being with my family. Of course the recent tradition of our little statue was continued.


His newest addition are the little tassels. Kaity is quite the creative girl. Yes, we are strange, but each year someone gets this guy in the gift exchange and has to add something to him and re-gift him the following year. I just want to make sure everyone knows that I plan to have him reside at my house when he is retired.

With the weather being so nice, Jason and I finally went shooting again. This time we took Beverly and her son Stephen with us.


It’s always fun to go shooting.

And just so you know…


we have a guard cat that keeps the ammo.

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Suzee said...

First, Sam LOVES his scarf! Talked to him for a minute tonight (scheduling tomorrow's call) and he was very emphatic when he said he loved it!
Second, can't wait for my uber cute hat!! You are bomb diggity!
Third, that sweater is AWESOME! So retro it's almost cool.
Fourth, Beware the Rambo impersonating kitty!