Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jacob

My first born is 17 years old today. I know that you hear a lot of old people say how fast time goes by, but I am NOT old. I will tell you this, time has gone by SO fast.


This is a scanned photo of Jacob when he was only a year and a half old. Look at those bright blue eyes!

I found other scanned images of him on various birthdays past (these were the days before digital cameras - or at least my knowledge of them)


I LOVE this picture. His cousin Christy is helping with the blowing out of the candles. Too cute.


I’m not sure how old he is here. This one is a good find since it has my mom in it. I sure do miss her. I’m sure she’s checking in on our Jacob.

Jacob_7 yrs

Seven years old. Jared is really adorable getting in on the picture action.

Jacob_8 yrs

Eight years old. I love the looks on the kids’ faces that are in the ‘blowing out of the candles’ photos.


12 years old. (obviously a digital camera in use here) I was dating Jason at this time.

This is just last year (and gone are the days of the fancy store bought birthday cake). I’m sure that cake tasted better than it looked.


This is Jacob just 2 weeks ago. He looks like a man. Gone is the little boy.

Happy Birthday Jacob dear. I love you.

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