Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Vacation

This year for our family summer vacation, we went to visit Jason’s sister Betsy and her family in California. They live just outside of Sacramento in Granite Bay. As is our norm, we drove straight through the night to get there. Thankfully it was only 12 hours and not the 22 it takes to get to Montana.

Our family of 5 took up a lot of space, but the kids happily slept each night on the trampoline.


Unlike the nights in Phoenix, the nights in Sacramento get nice and cool. You definitely would NOT try this where the overnight lows are in the 90’s.

Betsy and Jim have a great yard complete with big diving pool, a duck and chickens. I’m pretty sure someone got in the pool every day we were there.


Even the duck went swimming a time or two.


Jim is pretty funny…and obviously not afraid of duck poop.

Jared was glad that Parker had an X-Box to play.


Looks like Parker is taking a break while Jared plays…

One of our day trips was to Old Sacramento. Cool old town buildings right next to the river.

IMG_2084 IMG_2087 IMG_2089

Another day trip we took was to San Francisco. Betsy said to be sure and bring jackets since it gets cold there even in the summer. Everyone followed her advice except Jacob. And he got COLD. Especially when we went on the cable cars.


When we crossed one of the bridges to get there, I snapped a couple photos. It was pretty foggy.


Here’s some of our group coming out of the parking garage.


There’s Alcatraz Island in the distance.

…the kids posing with a new friend.


Jared, Jacob, Brittany, Jessica, Olivia,


and Parker. All the kids wanted to be “Standees” on the cable car.


Betsy & Jim had to sit. IMG_2215 

And so did Jason & I.  I’m so glad we got the opportunity to do this.


On our return cable car ride, Jason and I both got to be “standees”. I was right in the front and had a great view (and it was really cold!)

Many thanks to Betsy, Jim & their kids for putting up with all of us for a week.  Jason & I hope to host the Burman family at our house if they take a trip to Phoenix.

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Anonymous said...

I have a few minutes, so was checking out my Favorites tab, and decided to check out your Blog. I enjoyed your photos, and remarks on how cold San Francisco can be. The coldest I think I have ever been was standing the mid watch on the Quarter Deck one night when we were anchored in the bay. I had every piece of clothing on I could get on. The wind blowing was like a knife. Cut right through to the bone.
Love you,