Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving and other stuff

Today I am testing out Windows Live Writer for my blog post today. If updating my blog and inserting photos this way is easier, then I’m all for it.

We spent the morning with all the kids. Jason made bacon and eggs and I made French toast. Once we were finished, we sent our kiddos off to their other parent’s homes to eat their Thanksgiving feast. No, the boys aren’t standing on a platform, and the girls aren’t standing in a hole.

Since Jason and I were alone, we went to share my sister Suzee’s turkey and fixins. We had a good time (even though Jason spent the better part of it setting up the Jones family wireless printer).


As you can tell from these pictures, the guys all stayed in the office while the women folk set up for the meal.


See how lovely Suzee’s turkey is? It was delicious, too.


Beverly was also alone with no kids, so she carpooled with me and Jason to the other side of the world. I don’t think Suzee and I could live any further apart and still be in the Greater Phoenix Area.


Thank you Jones family for including us in your Thanksgiving feast. We’d love to get together with you more often.


Crissie said...

OK, I just am going to tell you that I LOVE Window Live Publisher! This was the easiest blog post I've ever done. Pictures are added easily as you go, and you can make them large (just watch out about over sizing them or you'll lose the right side of your pictures)

Suzee said...

Nifty! You'll have to clue me in on this. Also, wow! My house looks splendiforous!

wampumqueen said...

The family resemblance is uncanny.