Sunday, March 15, 2009

Did Someone Say CAKE?

These are my adventures in making cake balls. Since I had never made them before, I read a few ideas from folks who have made these and most said to not mix the frosting when the cake is too warm, so I waited until it was a little cooler.
This is the delicious devil's food cake in the bowl. I know it's delicious because I sampled a piece. (or two)
I chose to mix in chocolate fudge frosting. Jared approved of this.

I used all of the frosting even though some people who made this said they didn't need all of it. The bags of chocolate chips in the picture were later melted down to make the was too messy for me to get any pictures.

I'm almost done scooping all the cake. It is really creamy and smooth with the frosting mixed in.

I went back and rolled all the scoops with my hands to make them into tighter balls.

Here they are with their chocolate coating, cooling in the fridge.

I actually forgot to get a photo of them finished and on a plate until a day later. Here are all that's left of the two full cookie sheets.

So I had some left over melted chocolate and couldn't bear to toss it out and knew that if I just ate it I would get a sick tummy, so I grabbed the bag of sliced, frozen strawberries and dipped a few into the chocolate until the water ruined the chocolate. These are yummy.
I hope your mouth is watering and you are thinking about chocolate now. I think I'll go eat a cake ball for breakfast.


Leigh said...

What a great idea! They look delicious, and I am always a sucker for a chocolate covered strawberry!

Suzee said...

No, but if they were white chocolate covered strawberries then I'd be crying.
Remind me to teach you to make oreo truffles. My family thinks they are the bomb! They definately don't survive long in our fridge.

Nancy Face said...

Great job! They look yummy! :)

Carrot Jello said...

Argh! Cake balls! Curse that bakerella. Took me two days to make cupcake pops.

Anonymous said...

Cake Balls, NOM NOM NOM!!!