Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let's Have A Garage Sale

Moving really does suck. Jason and I came to the conclusion during this move that we needed to condense our belongings. When we got married, we each brought a whole house full of stuff with us. I couldn't part with much of my own property because after my divorce from Jerry I was gun-shy about long term commitments. I had this fear in the back of my head that warned me to save it all because Jason could leave, too. Now it's 3 years later and I am much more secure in my marriage and realize Jason is here for the long haul.

So, as we began the awful process of packing and moving, we started to give a lot of stuff away. I was prepared to just drop everything off at D.I. (for those who didn't grow up in an LDS home, D.I. stands for Deseret Industries, which is a second-hand store) and be done with it. My sister Suzee had been doing all my packing helping us move and suggested we have a garage sale to get rid of our extra junk. I really hate to have people poke through my things, but she pointed out that $1 for something we were just going to toss is more that we had before. So we had a garage sale...

Jason bought us donuts to give us the necessary sugar high we needed to get set up. Olivia was our helper for the day. She is the only one of our 4 kids willing to help. Can you read what's on the blue tape? We had to stop people from asking how much we wanted for the things that still needed to be moved.

I took my camera because I blog and everyone knows that bloggers take their camera everywhere. I took pictures of our crap saleable items.
Just looking at it makes you wish you'd been there to get the good stuff, I know...

These office chairs are still available.

And another picture of our goods. I think out of all the things you see here, only that VCR and DVD player actually sold.

Being an Arizona girl, I had to go sit in the sun to warm up. I mean, it was only around 70 degrees. So you can imagine how cold it was in the shade.

This last picture tells it all. We are on our way back to the new house. I took a nap, too, once we were home.


Suzee said...

So, does the garage at the new house exsist for the sole purpose of storing a ton of crap too!

Crissie said...

We are lucky to have a path through all the crap in our new garage so we can get inside the house.

Nancy Face said...

Thanks for commenting on my silly blog! :)

I love going to garage sales, but I hate doing them. Too bad I REALLY need to do one like RIGHT NOW! ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you still have the computer chairs? And if so, does that taller blue one tilt back (and is it comfy on your tushie)? We are going to be setting up the old desk soon and there are things we need to create another desk-top computer space.

Leigh said...

I understand what you mean about holding on to things....I still have stuff I fear letting go just in case.

You are a brave woman...I always take the lazy way out and donate! Of course these days and this economy perhaps I should reconsider!