Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Is Crissie Doing?

You are all aware that I've been suffering with sciatica. For the last few weeks I've been using these Wei patches, and I have to say that I am doing MUCH better these days. I thought you'd all be interested to see what patch removal day is like, so I've put together a series of photos for you to get the full affect.

This first picture is of the inside of my Wei Patch. It is a combination of all kinds of herbs and spices (well, not spices, but it's more fun to say it that way). I works almost like magic...magic tar.

Now you can see what my back looks like when the patch comes off. Kind of looks like it made the hair on my back grow, but that's not really what happens. Those hairs are just coated with the magic tar. It's VERY sticky, too. "How in the world do you get that stuff off", you ask?

Here is the magic tar remover. Looks a lot like olive oil.

Just pour it onto a paper towel and place it on the goopy spot. You need to let it stay there for a couple minutes so it can do it's work. Then you begin to wipe it off. I've gotten much better at it since my first patch.

See how gross the paper towel is now? But my back is nice and clean.

See...I'm smiling! I can even walk around without looking like I'm 80 years old.

Elvis had to come and see what that bottle was all about. I think he licked some off the edge.

I guess now that I'm up and about, I have no more excuses for not getting the rest of my kitchen chairs painted. It will be so nice once everything is finished and Jason and I can just relax.


Leigh said...

Glad you are up and around!

Suzee said...

Hmmm...that evoo should make Elvis's coat nice and glossy, not to mention help with regularity! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

bout time you changed that pink background!!!