Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vintage Travel Trailer Makeover!

This post has been a long time in coming. The sad part is that I haven't done much work on my trailer since it started getting hot here in Phoenix. So be aware that there are still no running lights/tail lights installed, nor are the tires replaced, bearings repacked, or any batteries purchased to power the Love Shack off grid.

In the last post about the trailer, I had finished the painting on the outside and had installed the drip rails, but still needed to paint and put on the railings that cover the panels along the bottom edge. After a few wind storms that twisted those aluminum rails a bit, I stopped procrastinating and finished it.

I still want to add some color in a stripe along the sides, but this is great for now. Notice the only peeling paint you see in this photo is on the neighbor's house.

As you know, I was so excited to get inside and make her pretty. She's still a work in progress, but here's a tour of the inside:

Remember the way she looked before?
 Dinette with ratty old curtains and icky 1970's paneling
 Bed area complete with the standard ratty, gold curtains and a broken out window
 Lovely retro striped backsplash that brings the whole '70's package together
And now she looks like this:
I really wanted color so I chose the ever popular turquoise and painted the rest white. Can you see those bottle caps on the table? Work in progress.
Here is what the table looks like now. Still needs to have a clear resin poured over it to seal and level the top.
Here's what the bed area looks like. I'm making a quilt for it right now that has my green and turquoise colors. I want to change out the flowery back curtains with more of the white with red stripe that are on the sides. Don't ya just LOVE that deer head? I made it myself :)
This is my new kitchen. I love, love, love the bottle cap backsplash. Many thanks to all those who donated to my project!

Getting here took a ton of work on the inside. I had to cut away old paneling from the dinette and also the whole back bed area and replace it.
 I used the old panels to create the templates for the new ones.
 It was really tough and I might have said a cuss word or two.
The new luan installed
Raise your hand if you make a mess when you paint.
 I believe in using primer. It is not a step you should skip if you want to have paint that lasts and goes on evenly.
Can I tell you how much I really hate prep work? Even with just the turquoise cabinets and primered walls I am getting excited!
 LOOK! Ain't that the purtiest thing ever?!
 Then it was on to installing my backsplash "tiles" onto the grid I created. I started out using a hot glue gun, but all those stringy things and the heat on the caps was awful so I went and got some construction adhesive.
 This was a much better choice and the project began to move along quickly. It went even faster when Jacob came outside and we took turns squeezing glue. It's pretty tiring on your hands getting that glue out.
The caps are all on! Now it needs grout.
All grouted and just awaiting some finishing strips along the top to hide that ugly edge.
What post would be complete without a picture of Elvis? He really likes to be inside the trailer. I would come outside after taking breaks and he would be sleeping on the bed.
I'm waiting anxiously for this darn heat to go away so I can get back outside and finish this gal up. I'm ready for some camping adventures!


Anonymous said...

Crissie! You are doing fabulous work. I'm bringing a 72 LoLiner down here to Phoenix from Kirkland this weekend. The rehabilitation starts then!

Sant Family said...

I've just spent way too much time stalking your blog! I LOVE what you are doing with the trailer! I love the turquoise cabinets and the backsplash and table - brilliant idea!