Friday, October 30, 2009

BlackBerry saves my Project 365

I have been taking a picture every day (well, almost every day) for this whole year. I'll admit that there have been a few occasions where I've had to go back and find a photo to make up for missing a day.

As this year winds down, I find that getting a picture taken each day gets easier instead of harder. This is because I have been taking more pictures with my BlackBerry. I've always got it with me. I have a wonderful camera that Jason bought me for my birthday, but I don't have room for it in my purse. Most of the photos from around my house are taken with my Canon PowerShot G10. But I have been using the BlackBerry's camera more and more while I'm out, or at home if there isn't time to run and grab my good camera.

There are only 62 more days left this year that I need to document with my daily photos. I'm almost amazed that I've followed through on Project 365 since it really is a huge commitment. I'm always somewhat behind on getting the photos posted to my other blog where I journal about each photo, but usually no more than 2 weeks. Now if I could just get caught up with the scrapbook side of it!

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Nancy Face said...

That's an awesome project, yay! I'm impressed! :)