Friday, November 21, 2008

Just A Little Crush?

Is it wrong to be dreamy over a fictional character? Because I've got it bad for Edward Cullen. I just saw Twilight today (with my REAL love) and the more I think about the movie, the more I believe I will go watch it again. I am re-reading the book because it's just that good.

I realize they did have to use some creative licence to put a 498 page novel into a 2 hour movie.

Let me just agree with Suzee; if you want to see a LOVE story, this is it. Just because Edward is a vampire does not make it a vampire story. So go see it so you might understand just a little about why I feel the way I do about him.

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Anonymous said...

I only read the first two books (loaned to me by Christy's emo friend), but one day we will go see the movie. *I thought Edward was ugly when I saw the trailers. He must have something more that gives him that special appeal. One day... (sigh) I'll get to know Edward just a little better...